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Tate's Big Birthday

By Nicole de Nobriga

"Will I cook fancy pizzas, pastas

and pies?

Here comes Master Chef Tate to broil, bake and fry!

Or will I fly to the moon like an astronaut?

Tate scratched his curly wee head as he thought, thought, thought."

The first instalment of Tate's Tales book series, Tate's Big Birthday, captures the magic of a child's imagination as they dream BIG on their birthday. A heartwarming story about wonderment, discovery and the unwavering bonds between child and parent. 

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"As a first time author, I felt nervous and excited to debut my children's book Tate's Big Birthday. The words on the paper were deeply sentimental and inspired by own children, and I knew that the illustrations had to feel equally authentic. Enter Lucy Smith! She gave visual life to my story beyond my expectations. Her 3-dimensional approach to illustration and use of vivid colours, created an "off-the-page" experience with the turn of each page. Her professionalism and knowledge of the industry were just as impressive as her artistic talents. I can't thank Lucy enough for joining me on my first publishing journey."  -  Nicole de Nobriga

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