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Are you searching for a children’s book illustrator?  Lucy can bring your manuscript and vision to life with professionalism and a passion for your project. 


As an award winning illustrator who understands the industry, loves creating worlds full of excitement and fun and who has spent many years working in education with an excellent understanding of child development and how to engage young audiences, Lucy Smith is the perfect choice! 

Alongside finding an illustrator for your manuscript, you will probably need the services of a graphic designer to format your book ready for print. As a graphic designer experienced in book formatting, Lucy Smith offers a book design service which can run alongside or separate from the illustration service. From initial layouts, to typesetting, cover design and overall book formatting for print, this service takes the stress and worry out of publishing.


Published Book Portfolio

Tate's Purple Tongue

By Nicole de Nobriga

When Tate catches his reflection in the mirror and sees his tongue is as bright purple as can be, a colourful adventure unfolds!


Follow Tate along the tongue-twisty mystery that teaches all about colours, creativity and critical thinking.


This is the second book in the Tate's Tales series written by Nicole de Nobriga. Nicole's stories are full of imagination, fun and warmth. 

The Great Book Switcheroo

By Julia Inserro

Have you ever wondered what the characters in your favourite books do while you sleep?

Do they just wait for you to open their book and read their stories again?


What if they could travel between books?


What if they had their own adventures behind the covers?

Late one night, Lily discovers the magic of the Great Book Switcheroo. Now she knows the secret.

Do you want to know it, too?

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Tate's Big Birthday

By Nicole de Nobriga

"Will I cook fancy pizzas, pastas

and pies?

Here comes Master Chef Tate to broil, bake and fry!

Or will I fly to the moon like an astronaut?

Tate scratched his curly wee head as he thought, thought, thought."

The first instalment of Tate's Tales book series, Tate's Big Birthday, captures the magic of a child's imagination as they dream BIG on their birthday.


A heartwarming story about wonderment, discovery and the unwavering bonds between child and parent. 

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Autism with Lola: Playing with Bourbon Badger

By Jodie Isitt

A beautiful children’s story designed to guide children through the understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity.


Playing with Bourbon Badger is Book 1 in the Autism with Lola series – a story about acceptance and making friends.

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Autism with Lola: Activity Book

By Jodie Isitt

The Autism with Lola series seeks to help children understand autism in a gentle and calming way, giving them the knowledge they desperately need to understand differences in neurodivergent children. 

This activity book was created to complement the accompanying reading book within a class or home setting.

Autism with Lola: Lola's Wobbly Lunchtime

By Jodie Isitt

The second Autism with Lola book in the series created by Jodie Isitt to help children understand how other children who are autistic may experience the world.

In Lola's Wobbly Lunchtime, Lola finds lunchtimes overwhelming and her friends are there for Lola to help her feel calm and accepted within their friendship group.

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Nonni's Moon

By Julia Inserro

Readers' Favorite 2018 GOLD medal for children's books for grades K-3 and KidShelf Books 2018 Spring Cover Design Winner.

Missing someone far away is hard.

It's hard if you're a grown-up.
It's even harder if you're a child.

No one knows more than Beanie how hard it is to live far away from loved ones. But then she figures out a way she and Nonni can send messages back and forth.... through the moon!


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Let's Be The Best Of Friends

By Emma Alexander

Children can be curious, excited or afraid when they see a dog. Does your child know how best to interact with one? 

Meet dogs Audrey, Naala and Phoebe as they show children how to become their best friends. 

With beautiful illustrations, fun rhyme and an educational twist, this book will leave you 

barking for more!

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Frog Boy

By Carolyn Blevins

Armed with Pete the frog and Buck his shaggy mutt, Frog Boy sets out for a day of frog-catchin' at the creek.But his adventure takes a surprise turn when he spies Old Man Harris, a man long thought to be dead. Eleven-year-old Frog Boy just wants to catch frogs but seein' the old man diggin'' a big ole hole leads to trouble. Old Man Harris snatches Frog Boy to keep him quiet. Now livin' in a gross shack with only Pete to keep him company 'cause Buck had run home, Frog Boy must hatch a plan to escape the clutches of Old Man Harris. But it becomes more complicated when he meets a mystifyin' lady in the woods.What was Old Man Harris buryin'? Will Frog Boy sneak away from the shack? And how can he defeat Old Man Harris? Frog Boy is a story of resilience flavored with a Southern style that shows how a family and a town work together for justice.

Open Your Eyes Little One

By Erin Cress

What would you do if you knew you could do anything and not fail?


Would you sing that high note? Dance like you’re free? Fly a plane amongst the stars?


You can be courageous, bold and revel in the fact it’s your time to shine!


Every day is full of potential to shine, is today your day? What will you choose to do? Dream big, little one.


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